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    Sorare review (2023): Testing the fantasy football game

    The NFT-based fantasy football manager Sorare has gained high popularity around the globe. But is Sorare really legit and is it worth signing up for? After almost two years of playing, we share our personal experiences as well as Sorare reviews from veteran managers from our community.

    Max Wiegand Autor inside NFTs

    Max Wiegand


    Lionel Messi während eines Videodrehs für den Fantasy Fußball Anbieter Sorare. In diesem Artikel testen wir das Game und teilen unsere Sorare Erfahrungen.
    Lionel Messi is already convinced of Sorare. Has the fantasy football game also passed our test?
    Lionel Messi mit Sorare Trikot - wir beleuchten unsere Erfahrungen mit dem Fantasy Sports Game!
    Lionel Messi is already convinced of Sorare. Has the fantasy football game also passed our test?
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      After almost two years of playing Sorare, we have experienced almost everything from typical beginner’s mistakes to real top placements. There are a few things we would certainly do differently today, but as the saying goes: Hindsight is easier than foresight. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to make the same mistakes! Time for an extensive and honest Sorare review.

      What is Sorare?

      If you are still wondering what Sorare is, here is the short version: Sorare is a new type of football manager game based on so-called non-fungible tokens (NFTs). As a manager, you can acquire the limited and digital player cards of stars like Haaland or Mbappé and line them up on match days.

      If your players perform well in real life, you will also achieve a good ranking in the game – and have the chance to win attractive prizes in the form of cryptocurrencies and player cards. Of course, there are a few things to keep in mind, such as the different rarity levels of the cards or the numerous competitions in which you can participate. You can read more about Sorare’s gameplay in our Sorare beginner’s guide.

      Let’s now get to the core question of this article: What are our own experiences with the popular football manager Sorare?

      Our experiences with Sorare

      Quite frankly, the start was rather bumpy. Enthusiastic about the concept, we jumped on the platform, bought players, and played various tournaments. A real strategy was nowhere to be found. It took weeks, if not months, until we knew and understood all facets of the gameplay. In other words: all beginnings are hard.

      So here is our first important tip for beginners:

      Over time, we delved deeper into the game and slowly built up an expertise. We initially focused on rare cards from the North American Major League Soccer (MLS). Since there were no Limited cards yet (the lowest scarcity level as of 2023), this was one of the few less expensive alternatives. Besides, there are some very interesting teams and players overseas!

      Ultimately, we invested a low to mid four-figure euro amount in our MLS squad. The results after a few months very already quite satisfying: Several lucrative prize rankings – including one top 5 and five top 30 finishes in the “Champion America” tournament – as well as numerous “smaller” ETH winnings from the All Star competition. Could be worse!

      Sorare MLSPA
      The North American MLS offers managers comparatively cheap players. Photo: Sorare
      Sorare MLSPA 2021
      The North American MLS offers managers comparatively cheap players. Photo: Sorare

      By the end of our first MLS season, we had recouped a large part of our investment. After an initial multiplication, our squad value was subject to strong fluctuations as the season progressed. Of course, this also had to do with the volatile exchange rate of Ethereum’s cryptocurrency ETH that the game is ultimately based upon.

      At this point, we would like to make an important remark: Even with a long-term investment horizon, there is no guarantee for a positive financial performance of your player cards. In addition to the general market development, scenarios such as player transfers, injuries or poor performances can lead to significant losses in value!

      By the way, we used our gained profits to continuously strengthen our team. In addition, we gave the European Limited competitions a try. We didn’t (yet) hit the big time, mostly due to the huge competition – but it’s certainly all the more fun in the domestic leagues!

      Sorare: Our personal review

      Whether Sorare is the right game for you depends largely on your actual intentions. From our point of view, Sorare is not suitable for people who are only looking for quick profits. Too much time and heart must be invested to internalise the subtleties of the gameplay and to stay up-to-date at all times. 

      In addition, competitive teams still cost a lot of money – even in the Limited tournaments you quickly end up with four-digit amounts. Admittedly, Sorare offers a whole series of exciting, free entry tournaments. This can, however, not hide the fact that being successful in the “real” tournaments is quite costly.

      On the other hand, however, there is a lot of fun and excitement, an extremely sophisticated gameplay and the chance of winning regular prizes. In a mix of fantasy football, collectible card game and crypto-investment, Sorare represents a completely new experience for open-minded football fans.

      One thing is for sure: We at inside NFTs are looking forward to the upcoming season!

      Is Sorare a legit company?

      To answer the question in advance: Yes, definitely. Like any fast-growing company, Sorare had to deal with minor problems in the beginning: Bugs, delayed awarding of prizes or missing website translations. Nothing to speak of, though. In our view, Sorare is a reputable and extremely innovative young company.

      The two co-founders and friends Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort look back on years of experience in the blockchain sector. Founded in 2018, the company now employs more than 200 people in Paris (France) and New York (United States). To date, official licensing agreements have been concluded with an astonishing 315 clubs from 50 professional leagues worldwide.

      Nicolas Julia (CEO Sorare) mit Gerard Pique
      Sorare founder Nicolas Julia with world champion Gerard Piqué. Image: Sorare
      Gerard Pique ist ein strategischer Berater bei Sorare
      Sorare founder Nicolas Julia with world champion Gerard Piqué. Image: Sorare

      However, not only the team itself, but also renowned investors believe in Sorare’s success. At the end of 2021, they secured the largest single investment in the history of NFTs: Softbank & Co. invested an unbelievable €580 million – valuing the French NFT start-up at a staggering €3.7 billion. We’ve written a whole article about staggering Sorare statistics!

      Sorare is also supported by numerous stars from the sports world. Among others, world champion Gerard Piqué is engaged as a strategic advisor and official advertising partnerships exist with world stars and club mates Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé. Some of the best-known private investors include Antoine Griezmann, Oliver Bierhoff and Gary Vaynerchuk.

      Reviews by other Sorare managers

      An important element of success is the regular exchange with like-minded Sorare managers. For this article, we asked some of our most active community members about their own experiences with Sorare. By clicking on the usernames, you can access their profiles on SorareData and get your own impression.

      Cornerdoc (Corner FC)

      » At Sorare, success and failure are often close together. Attention and quick action are required when players change clubs or get injured. However, the chance to win regular prizes, various side games and the growing platform compensate for this risk in my opinion. «

      Nils (TSV NB)

      » I am very positive about Sorare, but I am aware of the speculative nature of my investment. Besides the real use case of NFTs, I find the great future potential of the football market particularly promising. The challenges I see are mass adoption (pricing issue) and the rapid growth of the company.

      As a beginner, you should first get to grips with the scoring matrix and be open to "exotic" leagues. Player scouting can be time-consuming, but it often pays off in the form of rewards and increases in player value. «

      King_Air (King_Air FC)

      » All beginnings are difficult - this was also true for me in Sorare. Initially overwhelmed by the multitude of leagues, players and tournaments, it took me a while to find my way around.

      I quickly fell into the "typical" beginner traps. Instead of concentrating on one league or one good team, I put together as many as possible to compete in several competitions. Due to my limited starting budget, however, the quality of these was only average, so that I was unable to earn any rewards in the first few weeks.

      Thanks to a lot of research and the support of the very helpful Sorare and inside NFTs community, I have since restructured my portfolio and concentrated on far fewer, but much more powerful teams. The first successful match days, including attractive rewards, were not long in coming.

      In the meantime, I have been able to improve my teams even more. At the weekends, I sometimes follow football matches of "my" players, which I would never have been interested in before Sorare. Including a variety of side games that you can play additionally with your own Sorare cards, Sorare has developed into a small hobby for me. «

      Your exclusive sign-up bonus

      Finally, we hope that this report has given you a better picture of Sorare and helps in avoiding one or two typical beginners’s mistakes. If you have any questions or feel like sharing your own review of Sorare, please feel free to contact us at any time!

      Registered already?

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