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    Sorare: The 10 most expensive player cards of all time

    Six-figure sums in exchange for digital football trading cards. What was unimaginable some time ago is now reality. In the following, we present to you the ten most expensive cards that have been bought on the NFT-based football manager Sorare to date.

    Max Wiegand Autor inside NFTs

    Max Wiegand


    CR7 Unique 2021
    Cristiano Ronaldo was the most expensive Sorare card holder for a long time. Source: Sorare Media Kit
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      Sorare is one of the most popular projects in the space of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and not just since its record funding of almost €590 million. In a mix of football manager and digital trading card game, users from all over the world compete week after week for attractive prize money and rewards.

      The cheapest player cards can be bought for just a few euros or even cents. However, the better the player performance and the rarer the trading cards, the deeper managers have to dig into their pockets. In some cases very deep, as our ranking of the ten most expensive Sorare cards impressively shows.

      Note: All information is based on publicly available data from Sorare. The ranking is based on the equivalent value in euros at the time of the transaction, regardless of the ETH purchase price. All data is rounded. Only one (the most expensive) sold card of a rarity from each player is taken into account.

      Rank 10: Jude Bellingham – €198.825

      Club: Borussia Dortmund

      Position: Midfielder (#22)

      Scarcity: Unique (1/1, 2021-22)

      Purchase date: April 1, 2022

      ETH price: 63,25

      Buyer: YNWA (Auction)

      Jude Bellingham Unique 2021-22

      Dortmund’s superstar Jude Bellingham comes in at number 10 with a hefty purchase price of just under €200,000 (in words: two hundred thousand euros). And that is by no means a coincidence: At the tender age of 19, he is not only a leading player at his club, but has also already played 15 international matches for England’s national team. Last year he was voted the second best U21 player in the world. Bright outlook.

      Rank 9: Ansu Fati – €209.585

      Club: FC Barcelona

      Position: Forward (#10)

      Scarcity: Unique (1/1, 2021-22)

      Purchase date: March 8, 2022

      ETH price: 88,89

      Buyer: YNWA (Auction)

      Ansu Fati Unique 2021-22

      Youngest goal scorer for Barça, the Spanish national team and in the Champion’s League, as well as runner-up in the 2020 “Golden Boy” competition. Introducing: Ansu Fati. Recently, however, things have been quiet around Messi’s designated successor (he took on the difficult legacy of Barça’s legendary number 10). This was mainly due to his bad luck with injuries, which caused the speedy winger to miss more than 80 games in the past two years. Nevertheless, the future belongs to him.

      Rank 8: Florian Wirtz – €214.217

      Club: Bayer Leverkusen

      Position: Forward (#27)

      Scarcity: Unique (1/1, 2021-22)

      Purchase date: March 11, 2022

      ETH price: 91,32

      Buyer: Roxy.Cdog (Auction)

      Florian Wirtz Unique 2021-22

      Florian Wirtz, one of Germany’s greatest young talents, occupies an impressive eighth place in the most expensive Sorare cards sold to date. Born in 2003, he was awarded the Fritz Walter Gold Medal in 2020 (best German youth player) and is the youngest player in history with 50 Bundesliga games under his belt. The attacking midfielder is currently recovering from a torn cruciate ligament. However, he should soon be scoring points again for owner “Roxy.Cdog”.

      Rank 7: Lionel Messi – €234.957

      Club: Paris Saint Germain

      Position: Forward (#30)

      Scarcity: Unique (1/1, 2021-22)

      Purchase date: March 27, 2022

      ETH price: 79,75

      Buyer: BellaMa (Auction)

      Lionel Messi Unique 2021-22

      He was the main actor in one of the biggest transfer sagas in football history: Lionel Messi. After more than 20 years with FC Barcelona, the six-time world footballer moved to Paris Saint Germain. The fact that the Argentine is not further ahead in the ranking of the most expensive Sorare cards is mainly due to his advanced age. In addition, he is still struggling with adaptation problems in Paris’ star-studded team  – a circumstance that also affects his Sorare scores.

      Rank 6: Gavi – €241.369

      Club: FC Barcelona

      Position: Midfielder (#30)

      Scarcity: Unique (1/1, 2021-22)

      Purchase date: March 1, 2022

      ETH price: 90,8

      Buyer: BellaMa (Auction)

      Gavi Unique 2021-22

      With an auction price of over €240,000, the Spanish super talent Gavi missed the Top 5 by a hair’s breadth. Trained at Real Betis and, from 2011, in Barça’s famous youth academy La Masia, he is currently Spain’s youngest international player at just 17 years of age. If he continues his rapid development, the future belongs to the highly gifted midfielder. Manager “BellaMa” probably sees it the same way.

      Rank 5: Cristiano Ronaldo – €242.611

      Club: Manchester United

      Position: Forward (#7)

      Scarcity: Unique (1/1, 2020-21)

      Purchase date: March 14, 2021

      ETH price: 150,0

      Buyer: Camembert (Direct Offer)

      Cristiano Ronaldo Unique 2020-21

      Meanwhile slipped down to 5th place, Cristiano Ronaldo’s 2021 Unique card was (by far) the most expensive Sorare trading card for a long time. It changed hands for 150 ETH or €242,611 early last year. “Personally, I would never buy a Picasso, but I was very happy to invest $300,000 USD in my idol.“, commented the (obviously French) manager “Camembert” on his record purchase. Chapeau!

      Rank 4: Joshua Kimmich – €287.599

      Club: FC Bayern Munich

      Position: Midfielder (#6)

      Scarcity: Unique (1/1, 2021-22)

      Purchase date: March 25, 2022

      ETH price: 101,12

      Buyer: Roxy.Cdog (Auction)

      Joshua Kimmich Unique 2021-22

      Of course, Germany’s midfield boss Joshua Kimmich should not be missing from this list. The services of the seven-time national champion and Champions League winner with Bayern Munich were worth 101 Ether to buyer “Roxy-Cdog” – the equivalent of almost €290,000 at the time. The second German in the ranking justifies this voluminous investment as the best-performing midfielder in Sorare. Scoring machine.

      Rank 3: Vinícius Júnior – €334.913

      Club: Real Madrid

      Position: Forward (#20)

      Scarcity: Unique (1/1, 2021-22)

      Purchase date: February 12, 2022

      ETH price: 132,0

      Buyer: Roxy.Cdog (Auction)

      Vinicius Junior Unique 2021-22

      With the purchase of Brazilian winger Vinícius Júnior, manager “Roxy.Cdog” put a real exclamation mark in mid-February. He paid a whopping €334,913 or 132 ETH for the sought-after Unique card – third place! From a sporting point of view, at least, this is not completely absurd: “Vini Jr.” has finally made his breakthrough at Real Madrid, is an absolute top performer and now the most valuable player in the Spanish Primera División.

      Rank 2: Kylian Mbappé – €416.167

      Club: Paris Saint Germain

      Position: Forward (#7)

      Scarcity: Unique (1/1, 2021-22)

      Purchase date: May 4, 2022

      ETH price: 152,70

      Buyer: TeamBambi (Auction)

      Mbappé Unique 2021-22

      The silver trophy for the most expensive Sorare trading cards goes to none other than shooting star Kylian Mbappé, who together with Neymar and Messi forms the most feared forward trio in world football. For many, the 2018 World Cup winner is also a future serial winner of the prestigious Ballon D’Or. Coupled with outstanding Sorare scores, this is our best approach to explaining an almost unbelievable price of over €416,000 …

      Rank 1: Erling Haaland – €609.513

      Club: Borussia Dortmund

      Position: Forward (#9)

      Scarcity: Unique (1/1, 2021-22)

      Purchase date: January 30, 2022

      ETH price: 265,1

      Buyer: Zima Blue (Auction)

      Erling Haaland Unique 2021-22

      If the auction of Vinícius Júnior was an exclamation mark, then that of Dortmund’s superstar Erling Haaland was a real bang for the buck. Many observers expected a new record in the run-up to the auction – but the fact that manager “Zima Blue” put a staggering €610,000 on the table still made many people’s jaws drop.

      So, as of now, the Norwegian wonder boy, who is now striking for Manchester City in the Premier League, is the measure of all things and the most expensive trading card at Sorare!

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